Sunday, November 15, 2009

ISP starts...?

This week was a nerd week. I spend most of the week downloading files off the internet and reading them relentlessly. I feel like a total nerd. My escape for the week was movies that I have on my computer. I problem I have been having is, no one calls back here. You’d think you may get a call back after calling multiple people, but no one seems to appreciate it.

Yesterday the closest I got to talking to someone was when I was talking to some men about water and about to drop to bomb of my project and one man started touching my hair. He said “I know you,” not true and I quickly said I had to leave. Progress is slow going but hopefully will take a turn for the better quickly.

Other than that, I went to the zoo! It was horribly cruel but totally worth it. We could feed all the animals and I touched them too. After reading about the terrible diseases you can contract from these animals I felt a little revolted, but I suppose it was all worth it. I got to touch a chimpanzee!

Today we are going to the French Culture Center. Because my project is rough going I hope to at least entertain myself while I am here. The French Culture Center offers everything from speeches, lectures, performances, and dance lessons. I feel that doing something with myself may make me organize my time better. It is just difficult because there is no real outlet for fun, getting anywhere is work, and watching a French performance is work as well, but I suppose I just have to learn all the time!

Until next time!

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